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Local Search Engine Optimization Northwest Arkansas (and elsewhere)  is specific.  It is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to your businesses website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.  For GRASSFIRE Digital Marketing merely ranking high on the list of results isn’t good enough.  That’s not a 10X mindset.  You want to DOMINATE your market and we want you to as well and ranking at the top of of the list is what we strive for, not just ranking.

There are over 200 factors in Google’s algorithm to ensure a user’s search identifies the most helpful and relevant websites.

Prioritizing and optimizing for each factor requires a variety of skills and disciplines for optimal effectiveness. We have found that the key to getting more traffic lies in integrating content with search engine optimization and then optimally adding social media marketing. In the past, these efforts were centered around the strategic use of keywords along with the top 10 links. While keywords, query input, and latent indexing are still significant factors, web crawling technology has expanded to include machine learning (AI) which has expanded the types of results users receive on the search engine results page. Ever-increasing competition and this broader range of results, requires a more robust SEO strategy than in years past. Grassfire is the Arkansas SEO Company that will get you results.

Quarterly Ongoing SEO Maintenance & Analysis

Grassfire Digital Marketing doesn’t stop once your pages are initially optimized because, as with any marketing endeavor, we know that the industry and the marketplace is constantly evolving and you can’t just set up SEO and forget it. These efforts need to be monitored, evaluated, and adjusted as necessary. Google Analytics, Search Console, and the social platform analytics have proven to be extremely helpful. We offer ongoing maintenance of these efforts, a virtual look under the hood if you will, by performing the following tasks on a quarterly basis:

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Internet Marketing /
Search Engine Results Page [SERP] Analysis

GRASSFIRE Digital Marketing offers both an Initial Internet Marketing and an annual SERP analysis package that can include:

Local SEO Fayetteville, AR

What Makes It So Important?...
and what make us the best SEO Consultants Arkansas?

Local SEO is a beast all on its own. So many of the queries people perform are related to where they are at currently. “What restaurants are nearby?” “What’s the nearest dog wash in Fayetteville?” “Where is the closest nail salon in Rogers?” Each of these queries provide different results depending on where the customer is, at that point in time. To truly capture Localized Fayetteville, AR (for instance) SEO Fayetteville, AR requires various steps that go beyond including your location in the keywords.

For one, any time your businesses location/address appears online, the contact information should be consistent. Consistent means all the way down to the abbreviations and punctuation. In the online marketing industry we call this NAP (name, address, phone). Across every site online your business information should read the same, your website, your social media profiles, your Google Map Pack (GMP or Google My Business page), as well as other online directories like Angie’s List, LinkedIn, Yelp, Yellow Pages and the Better Business Bureau. Ensuring that the NAP is the same wherever it appears, you make it easy for search engines to identify the company and locate it on the map. The result of inconsistency will be confusing the young AI so much so that it will misinterpret St. versus Street and think it’s an entirely different entity. The worst thing you can do to a search engine is to confuse it so lets avoid that if at all possible.

So how do we ensure consistency? The best way to guarantee that all the NAP information is consistent across all platforms is to claim ownership of your business profile anywhere it may appear, starting with Google My Business using our Google Map Pack services. This can be a tedious process, but we guarantee you that it’s well worth it when you see foot traffic and web traffic increase.

Now, you do need to know that it’s totally feasible that a business could provide their own local SEO Fayetteville, AR efforts, as long as they know where to look and are willing to put in the work. Only you can weigh the cost benefit of using a service like ours, but we do think that you focusing on what you do best in your business will garner you the most profits. Call the top Arkansas SEO Company today.


SEO Success

​So How Is Your SEO Success​ Measured?

Now that you know more of what is involved, what you can and can’t do in-house (or want to), and the value of localization; how will you measure success?

Unlike sales numbers, optimization forecasts need to lean on increased percentages rather than something like how many pages a site moved up in the ranking or how many company pages rank in the top search results. Tangible markers of success can be measured by looking at any (or all) of the following:

An increase in organic traffic

Qualified organic online traffic to your website is a result of someone typing or speaking something into a search engine and then clicking through to your site from the results page. By contrast, direct traffic comes from people who know your URL (website) and type it in without going through a query portal. It makes sense that an increase in organic traffic means more people are finding your business in search results. It is also best to measure success, measure traffic year over year to eliminate any changes that might be tied to seasonality. This can be done using Google Analytics which provides this data from the time it is installed on a website, but not before. So the sooner you install it, the sooner you have data to measure.

Desktop Computer

Increased time at your website/page

The longer people spend on your website, the more interested they are your business and in what you have to offer. Spending time on one of your business pages indicates how valuable visitors consider the information on a particular page to be. So any increase in engagement increases your chances of beginning or furthering a relationship with your customers. Average time on site and time on page data is an important part of Google Analytics.

Did your customers find you online?

A simple survey in your physical location that asks where customers found you will give you an idea about whether or not your Optimization is working for you. If they found you online then it's working.

Whether your search efforts are focused on sales, on lead generation, an increased number of conversions (Ex. click to call, contact form submissions, offer redemptions, purchases, downloads, etc.) indicates how and when your Optimization efforts are paying off. Depending on what supporting data that you may want may determine if you also need the support of Google Tag Manager for the most accurate numbers.

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