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GMP is Google Map Pack and is a part of Google My Business.  Making you known on the map that shows up on Google when someone searches for things locally is critical in providing customers with validation that your company is an authority for in your business industry.

If you are an online person, then once or twice you have done a local online search for some goods or services in your area, and a listing of three local businesses in that niche appeared at the top of the searches, of course after the ads. This is why when you search for any local services online, Google shows a local map in the SERP without requiring you to perform another action. Mostly, because you don’t need to do it – you’re getting all the necessary information in the Google map pack directly.

I’m sure that you have seen this business listing image many times and may have not thought much about it. This is the local Google Map Pack. But let’s define what the Google Map Pack really is and how it works.  When you do a search in Google for any local company or business operating in a certain area you will see three company listings, local listings. Additionally, if these companies have reviews from Google users, you will see those reviews as well. These are the top search ranked companies tied to the Google My Business metrics and its not the organic search information, its strictly tied to Google My Business.

​And this is where you want to be found! …At the top!



Getting your NAP right

This is SO important.

You may not realize how important it is that any time that your business location / address appears online, that the contact information should be consistent. This consistency means all the way down to the abbreviations and punctuation. In the online marketing industry we call this NAP (name, address, phone). Across every site online your business information should read the same, your website, your social media profiles, your Google Map Pack (GMP or Google My Business page), as well as other online directories like Angie’s List, LinkedIn, Yelp, Yellow Pages and the Better Business Bureau.

Ensuring that the NAP is the same wherever it appears, you make it easy for search engines to identify the company and locate it on the map. The result of inconsistency will be confusing the young AI so much so that it will misinterpret St. versus Street and think it’s an entirely different entity. The worst thing you can do to a search engine is to confuse it so lets avoid that if at all possible.

Why is it important to my Business?

Naturally, when you’re looking for a service (or a snack) and decide to search online for the businesses offering it near you, most of the time you will stop at the first three results. That’s exactly what your target customers do and that is exactly why you should do all you can to appear in the Google Map Pack for your businesses pertinent keyword searches.

The Google Map Pack (aka Local 3-Pack) appears in almost 30% of all first page for organic search results. Thus, this feature is one of the most frequently displayed Google SERP features, like Featured Snippet or Instant Answers block. Given the presence of the Google Local Pack on the first SERP (above all organic results), you’re probably skipping the organic results since this block gives you all the information you need right now. So other users tend to take similar actions, and this makes the Google Map Pack one of the best traffic-driven solutions for all types of local businesses. This should be a lesson to you as a business person, and the most important question in your head should be “How to optimize the Google Map Pack.” 

However, there is no need to figure this out for yourself when you can let the GRASSFIRE professionals put it to work for you.